Retrieve node status via API

Last week I had an interesting query from a customer. He asked if there was a way if we could quickly show online/offline status quickly for all appliances instead of having to login to SteelConnect Manager.

The answer is a resounding “yes, we can!”, it would’ve been a short blog post otherwise… Anyways the REST API is your friend here and it was a challenge I couldn’t resist. A few hours later I came up with a Python 3 script that shows the online/offline status of an appliance.

You can use it for just one realm, as is often the case for a customer. You can also use it with a CSV file to show the status for all devices across multiple realms which comes in handy if you support multiple realms (service provider, or for those assisting with PoC/PoVs).

Green means the SteelConnect appliance is online, red means it’s offline.

Head to Github for more details or clone it directly from Feel free to use it as you like or contribute to the project!

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